Dogs are defined as property, so it comes as no big surprise (although it breaks any true dog lovers heart) that a dog name Boo was left on the side of the road with all the other “belongings” when his family moved away this last weekend. The pictures speak louder than anything we could even say.

They saw him as no more a part of the family than their mattress or dresser…something that dog advocates are compelled to address seeing as dogs are legally not given any more rights than said mattress.


Photo Credit: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

Dogs are loyal…even when it isn’t warranted. Their love and undying commitment to us (their humans) seems to have no end…but we legally define them as property, in gratitude?

Take Boo for example (the loyal pit bull mix who was abandoned with the trash as his owners moved away just a few days ago) – Boo was spotted by a passerby Liz Marie who couldn’t just drive away after seeing him stationed on top of his owners old mattress.

As she drove by she snapped a picture (as the tears poured down her face) and called the animal rescuers at Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue to come assist the dog.

She wrote, “the picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears. Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed with their stuff and never left it.”

Photo Credit: Liz Marie

Photo Credit: Liz Marie

That image of him stationed on top of the discarded mattress represents everything for any dog who has been left behind by their family. It literally encapsulates the statement “Dogs are property” and points poignantly to the bigger issues at hand.

It makes us ask ourselves, how can dogs legally be defined in most states as “property”? Sure, it’s unfathomable to loving dog parents how a family could leave a member behind, but perhaps if the law didn’t support them doing so it’d be less likely to happen?

As a dog advocate, do you feel the need to change that?

Perhaps our laws should define dogs as sentient beings, rather than property…and maybe that would make people think twice before leaving them on the curb with the rest of their discarded belongings?

Does this beautiful picture below seem like Boo is just a mere “belonging or property?” You can even see the gratitude in his eyes as this honorable rescuer comforts him.


Photo Credit: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

The Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue center, came when they were called to help Boo. Mike Diesel (give him a big round of a hand) was the one who answered the call, and he said that Boo didn’t want to budge when he got there. He had to try for almost 11 hours to try and catch him, while Boo didn’t want to let him get anywhere near him.

Boo was still holding onto the hope that his family may return, what he didn’t realize was that to them he was worth no more than the old mattress they slept on for years.

Mike Diesel was no quitter though, he was in it for Boo. When he couldn’t catch Boo, he decided to come back the next day. When he did he brought treats and goodies to try and coax Boo to him.


Photo Credit: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

Thankfully, Boo could sense this guy had a good heart and he must have been getting really cold and tired after sitting outside waiting on that trash heap for a whole day.

When he finally got Boo, Mike drove him to Groesbeck Animal Hospital where unfortunately he tested positive for heartworms. They wonderful people at Detroit Rescue are going to be treating his heartworms and as soon as they are finished Boo will be put up for adoption. We have no doubt that he will find his forever family quickly, just look at that face!


Detroit Youth & Animal Rescue asked yesterday, “If anyone cares to donate to his care or that of other animals in our care please feel free to PayPal is at:
Or call into Groesbeck Animal Hospital at 586-463-7387.” We urge you to show your support.

You can contribute financially if you are able, you can even apply to rescue a dog from the shelter if you live locally…but most of all, you can push for awareness. You can share stories like this, and help point out how ludicrous it is for our laws to define dogs as property.

Yes, it’s horrible to see pictures like these, and hear stories like Boo’s. But for every one you see circulating on the internet, there are thousands more that never get told. We need to push to redefine the legal status of dogs in our country, we need to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Will you help?

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  1. New York state has laws to protect dogs they cannot be thrown away they need to have shelter food and water people who abuse animals and children the worst people in the world!!!!!