She was discarded on the streets and wandered scared, alone and helpless for an entire month before he gained her trust. Now Azalea has her Forever Family and is cherished and cared for. Best part is, you’ll never believe the way Azalea is helping other traumatized & abandoned Pit Bulls!

About a year and half ago Azalea met Mike Migliore, and it was the most important day of her life. That day came at the end of a month long effort to coax Azalea to come and get help from the rescuing party from D2C, a fantastic charity that has devoted themselves to helping dogs like Azalea.

Once their eye’s met, he knew they belonged together.

Linda Sutphin, the founder of D2C, is someone any Pit Bull (or dog lover) will want to honor…along with Azalea’s new father Mike of course. But connecting Azalea and Mike (who became a family) wouldn’t have been possible without this organization.

D2C’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and abandoned dogs by placing them in loving foster homes and then finding the ideal permanent home for them. They promote the principles of pet ownership, including spay/neuter and heartworm prevention. Their goal is to match needy dogs with the right adopter so that they can enjoy many happy years together.

That is exactly what occurred with Mike and Azalea.

Mike shared with us that “it took them a month to capture her. She was so scared she finally just gave up and let us catch her, poor baby.

We set up feeding stations to keep her close to the area I lived in. Everyday we tried to get her to come to us with food. She was terrified of men and would only let ladies near her. But not close enough to leash her. She finally just gave up from heat and exhaustion. Once we caught her we brought her to my house and put her in my dog run. Then it was meds and medical baths. She captured my heart the first morning I went out to feed her and her tail wagged.”

That was it for Mike, right then and there he decided that Azalea was meant to join their family and that he would adopt her. Neither of them knew that they would also start working together to help other dogs that found themselves in the same precarious situation Azalea did.

D2C’s goal is to help foster a carefree, happy and healthy dog who feels safe and nurtured. Their volunteers come from many walks in life and from various ethnic groups and races. Yet they come together to work for the dogs, and in that they’ve developed friendships that have enriched our lives. We also have made an impact, though small, in our communities as we have saved needy dogs and placed them in loving homes. Azalea is just one example, and a shinning one at that.

Just like their goal states, Azalea now has a loving home where she can live carefree, happy and healthy. A home where she is nurtured and feels safe. Just look at the life she’s living now, it’s everything we can hope for for a dog who had been abused and unappreciated.

Today, Azalea is high on life – just a dog should be. She plays outside, gets lots of treats and love and all around finds herself in the life of her dreams. And she has brought so much to the family, unsurprisingly!

One of the best highlights for Azalea and Mike is that they now get to help the community embrace and understand the fantastic breed of Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes.

Irresponsible pet ownership and animal cruelty are pervasive in the southeastern United States. But by saving just one dog, D2C (and Mike) have enriched many lives: first the dog’s, then the adopter’s, and finally our own. Nothing is more gratifying than watching a starved and frightened dog blossom into a happy, vivacious pet who adores his family and whose family adores him.

Recently D2C and Azalea teamed up to spread the Pit Bull love with an awesome and creative idea – a Pit Bull Kissing Booth!! A fun but effective way to educate people and get more dogs adopted!

There was a local Festival in Mike’s town and her rescuer was there raising funds and having a meet and greet with all of their available dogs. Azalea was happy to represent their “success.” D2C did so much with medical bills food and anything Azalea needed, Mike said it was the least they could do to raise money for D2C. 

Azalea’s family is so honored and happy to have her that a year after she was adopted they threw her a ReBirthday Party! Since they didn’t know her actual birthday, they wanted to mark a date for the future, seeing as with Azalea as a part of the family there would be many more birthday celebrations to come. They invited the people who helped rescue her, and together everyone celebrated and rejoiced. The lady in green shirt is head of D2C Linda Rose Suptin. It was a wonderful example of the joy that can be found (both for the dog and human) when families come together.

Since they didn’t know her birthday, they marked the day with a big ReBirthday Party!

Even D2C founder, Linda Rose Suptin, joined in the celebration for Azalea!

Sadly, it is not an uncommon thing to hear a story about a pit bull who was discarded and left to the streets to fend for themselves. Just a few months back a story about a pit who was abandoned on the side of the road with the trash after his family moved away struck viewers hearts, and brought up the question once again – why are dogs legally worth no more than an old mattress? Why do they have no protection, and why can someone just “dump” their dogs and face no repercussions?

Thankfully, while dog advocates continue to push for better legal recognition for dogs and more consequences for owners who abandon their pets, there are people who bring hope and light to sad stories like this. There may be plenty of work to do when it comes to advocating for dogs rights and helping the existing dogs that have been discarded and traumatized, but there are hero’s who right now are saving dogs lives on an individual basis – and we couldn’t be happier to share stories like this. Perhaps it will be an inspiration for others to adopt rescued pit bulls, or if that isn’t possible, for people to donate to organizations like D2C who work tirelessly for these dogs.

Any donations can be sent to Dogs2ndChance under Azaleas name. Thank you so much for helping and for advocating for Pits and all dogs. Please share and spread the word (every share will bring more awareness to organizations like D2C) change is happening but not without our advocacy and support.

You can also follow Azalea on Facebook to continue to celebrate her fantastic new life.

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