No Fleas. No Itching. No Tummy Troubles. All Smiles.

Nothing is worse than having to see your dog suffering from flea’s (or anything else for that matter). Anyone who’s dealt with fleas will agree that fleas are particularly annoying and difficult to deal with once they infiltrate. So the goal is, prevention before the fact! Dog parents who don’t fancy covering their fur baby with harmful chemicals have looked and looked for alternatives that actually work, and the Brewer’s Yeast in these simple dog treats is one ingredient that has been proven to act almost magically against fleas (not to mention the benefits coconut oil brings when it comes to flea prevention). On top of that, the other two ingredients in this simple recipe are incredibly beneficial as well…and they’re perfect for the fall season.

The second best part about these pumpkin dog treats is they may only have 3 ingredients (and require no baking) but their health benefits are tremendous. Even beyond keeping the fleas away. The best part about them is how much your dog will love them, and how much you’ll enjoy giving it to them!


Our dogs give us what no human ever could. Amongst the many things they bring to our lives, perhaps the most valuable is their unconditional love without judgement. Some people even say that despite anything we do, we can never really “deserve” their love.

But that doesn’t mean committed doggie parents aren’t always going to try to do everything they can for their babies…and we love to inspire parents to go above and beyond when it comes to your dogs nutritional and emotional needs.

Creative ideas like this Homemade Flea Remedy Treat are fun for humans and dogs alike. This recipe is not just a way to keep the flea’s off your baby, even though Brewer’s yeast has been shown to do that quite effectively…it is a way to spend quality time in the kitchen with your dog, an activity that you both will enjoy. And contribute to their health and overall wellness.

And it is SUPER easy with only 3 Ingredients

Dogs love to be a part of kitchen activities, as our baby Miss Mydas can attest. The look on their faces, their pleading eyes as we clang about…that’s all we need to see to have our hearts bursting out of our chests with love. And a desire to include them, seeing as there is no doubt what their ‘looks’ mean. They want what we’re making…and today, that just happens to be something that is spectacularly beneficial for their little doggie bodies! Fleas be gone!



The three ingredients in this recipe have been chosen specifically for the health benefits they will bring to your dog.

Flea Prevention (without harmful chemicals)

Brewer’s Yeast is a mysterious but fantastic ingredient. Researchers are still not completely certain why brewers yeast is effective at keeping biting insects away. Maybe it’s the odor imparted by daily use of the yeast, maybe it’s that the yeast makes the blood taste unusual. Whatever the reason, pet owners who have been giving their dogs brewers yeast supplements have attested to how great this works as an anti-insect measure. Particularly when the alternatives suggested are often toxic chemicals that we feel belong no where near our baby Mydas.

And the dogs love it! Mydas gulps down these handy treats (or she gulps down the one we give her daily, seeing as with these it is very important to give the correct dosage depending on weight).

The bonus upside for these may be even better than the Flea Prevention for some dogs and dog parents.

Healthier Skin and Shinier Coat

Brewers yeast and coconut oil are rich in antioxidants, and parents have reported that their dog’s coat is shinier and softer after taking brewers yeast supplements for an extended period of time. Another benefit is the reported healthier skin. Mydas has particularly sensitive skin, and it’s great to find remedy’s that don’t involve topical chemicals or sprays but that really work. When their skin is less irritated you won’t see the itching that often causes hot spots to occur.

Safe Brewers Yeast Dosages

It is important to give your dog no more than the recommended amount daily. The recipe below will indicate the proper serving size for a dog as per their weight, but incase you decide to make any adjustments here are the general guidelines for feeding. Definitely don’t give your dog more than a teaspoon a day, and if your dog is under 25 pounds pay particular attention. As was shared, if you make the recipe below you’ll see what to feed your dog based on their weight.

Pumpkin Goes With Everything in Fall (but it will also help soothe a dogs digestive tract and relieve diarrhea)

When a dog gets diarrhea they can lose important electrolytes, including potassium, which puts them at risk of dehydration. Some people have said that brown rice is best for a dog with diarrhea, but not only is pumpkin safer for diabetic dogs, but it’s actually proven to be just as effective at helping cure diarrhea while providing more functional nutrients for your baby.

Here’s ALL You’ll Need to Make The Treats



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  • 2 1/4 cup Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1 cup Brewers Yeast (use only Brewers Yeast!)
  • 1/2 cup Organic Pumpkin
  • 2 small paw print silicone pans


Measure out the pumpkin, coconut oil and brewers yeast and dump them into a blender. Blend for roughly 10-30 seconds or until smooth.


Pour blended mixture into plastic squeeze bottle (you may need to cut the top off to widen the opening depending on the bottle you are using).

Squeeze mixture to fill the 2 small paw print pans.dsc08486-1

Chill in refrigerator (or freeze) for 1 hour (or until set).

Remove from the pan and store in refrigerator or freezer for up to 6 months.


How Much to Feed?

For each 10 pounds that your dog weighs, give them one teaspoon coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon brewers yeast daily. That is about the size of one small treat, if you are using a small treat pan.

Miss Mydas gives this recipe her paws up approval, can’t wait to hear how your fur baby loves it!


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    • Hi Lisa, yes those ingredients are all safe for cats. Cats are a bit more fickle, so not sure how they’ll like it…Mydas has kitty friends that eat these. If you want, try putting one in a bowl by their food…they may just decide to start licking on it!

  1. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats – all need this, but… our one cat won’t touch coconut oil at all. So my son was wondering if cooking some chicken livers, and blending them in, would be ok and maybe then all would eat them without any hassle.
    The other cat used to eat the coconut oil, but he won’t go near it now! Also, we are on a limited budget and truth be told, these organic items are a bit pricey, but we do understand the reason for the organic… would it be ok, if not cheaper to buy some pumpkins and make our own puree from them?

    • Absolutely, buying a pumpkin and making your own puree is probably even better! And I’d say just test and observe with the chicken livers (it sounds like a great idea, that’s what I did with the pumpkin because Mydas likes that a lot). Not sure how it will set once refrigerated but I’m guessing it will work. I’d just substitute the pumpkin for the chicken livers and have an experiment! Let us know how it goes, and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Anxious to try this recipe, I have 2 Papillions, 1 4lbs, the other 11 lbs….would I be right to give the little one a half a treat and the bigger one a whole treat? Really interested in this as a flea control, as their meds for that are ridiculous in price…..

    • For dogs that size (especially the 4lb) it may be best to give half every other day. Always best to introduce new things in small amounts and build up, assuming your dog doesn’t have a negative reaction as your building.