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A positive education, news and entertainment site devoted to dogs. We dive into topics like nutrition, questions like “what’s up with this raw diet stuff?” all the way to essential oils and how incredible they are for our fur babies when you understand how to use them. There is so much information here for the dog lover/owner who is committed to doing whatever it takes to understand how to care for their dog best…so that they can do it!

There are so many websites online today, it’s like the “personal” or “authentic” kind of connection is hard to find. This website is inspired by my love for Mydas (and all dogs) and my quest to continuously get better and better at understanding our canine brothers and sisters, SO THAT we can give them the best lives possible!

From the food they eat, the way we engage with them and listen to/read their body language, the effort we take to understand our pups unique nature and needs…all of this is covered in this blog.

There is a ton more to investigate and I am far from perfect, but I am passionate and so enjoy sharing my passion for animals (dogs in particular) with others like you. Your comments, likes, shares, make all this worth while.

Changing the way we humans acknowledge dogs legally, giving our dogs more rights, helping humans who are seeking to discover better ways of feeding and caring for their pets.

Since this is a conversation that we’d love to have, please please reach out. About anything! Even if it’s to share a story of love between you and your fur baby, to ask a question…really, anything.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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