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Welcome HUMAN to the Natural World of DOGS!

First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by. It’s always nice to run across humans who love doggie’s. Particularly when they’re on the hunt to figure out what dogs (like me) really want, but can’t tell them…or when they’re the type (like you) who celebrate and enjoy our general awesomeness.

My name is Mydas Touch. I am the doggie daughter to Melissa & Kevin Nations. My Mom & Dad. We’re a pack, the three of us. A family, as they’d call it. Whether we call us a pack or a family, the three of us are forever.

I’m the inspiration for this site (not to brag or anything). When I joined the Nations family almost three years ago, it was the beginning of a journey for my Mommy & Daddy…and for me. It’s been quite the adventure so far. I’ll just tell you that. But overall, I think my parents would agree with me…we’re all much better for it, and so fortunate to have each other. We’re a pack, for sure.

One of the hardest things for me as I’ve grown up has been figuring out these humans I live with, and helping them understand me. It’s not always easy to communicate what I want & need with humans. But one thing I can say is, these two have (from the beginning) have clearly been trying very hard to understand me and love me. We’ve developed a special language, the three of us, so we can understand what each other are needing & wanting. We have a long way to go, but I’d say that three years in I can pretty much tell what my Mom is asking of me. Most of the time anyway.

And, for the most part, I know how to tell her (especially when she’s really listening) what I’m feeling and wanting.

I have my Mom to thank, particularly, for this language we’ve learned…she’s kind of like my pack leader, I guess you could say. Since the very first day I came to their house, there was a translator that came around to help Mom & Dad communicate with me. And to help me, of course, as there were so many new things and it was pretty scary leaving my doggie mom and siblings.

This human (the translator) was particularly in tune with what I was trying to tell her (and my parents), and if I really tried, I could understand the things she was asking of me. She helped my parents understand what I was trying to tell them, and how to let me know what they were asking. It was nice to know what these humans wanted from me…seeing as what I seemed to want most was to please them and receive their love and affection. I just wasn’t sure how.

Take for instance the whole potty thing. After a few days, I’d quickly realized that these two did not want me doing my business in the house. They made that pretty clear by keeping me on a schedule and making sure they took me to my potty spot before I really had to go. When I wasn’t playing with them (we played was most of the time), I was resting in my kennel and I did not like to do my business in there. It helped me learn to wait. At first it was a little lonely in my kennel, but after a few days I actually wanted to go inside. I could have some time to myself, and it just felt so safe (and smelled so comforting).

The important thing was, during the day my Mommy seemed to know when to take me out…and I had plenty of opportunities so I never really had to go in the house. I had a few accidents, and got nervous a few times and accidentally pooped or peed, but this whole process (that lasted the first few months we were together) made it really easy for all of us.

And the bell.

That was a great idea.

The translator human, her name was Meghan, had gotten my parents to put these things hanging off the doors to the outside. They called them bells, all I know is they made a sound that both my parents responded to immediately (especially if I hit that thing with gusto.) Our house if pretty big, and one thing that was hard was them hearing me, or seeing me, when I was telling them I did have to go potty. The bell solved that and I quickly learned to use it when I needed to tell them I wanted to go outside.

That’s just one example of the language and communication methods we started building, me and these lovely humans (who I’d do anything for now). It takes a lot of patience, on all of our parts, but we keep getting better and better. They keep teaching me more and more signals and cues to understand them, and tell them what I want.

And most of all, they’re always seeking to figure that question out. Never believing they know absolutely everything, they pay very particular attention to me. It’s great, I feel really loved and safe. That’s why, even when they get it wrong, I’m patient with them. I know they’re trying, and they’re doing such a good job.

Take my Mom for instance, she’s the reason this site exists. She’s a pretty passionate lady, and she’s been on a very interesting journey to learn how to take care of herself, and now how to take care of me. She’s what these humans call a “seeker”, always open to learning something new and changing her understanding of what I want (and what my fellow canine compadre’s want as a whole). And she loves to give to others, humans and dogs alike. This site exists for that reason.

She feels so fortunate (as do I…I have one hell of a good life) for what she is capable of doing for me. Her whole life seemed to have been preparing her to take care of me, and spread knowledge to humans out there who are seeking to answer the same questions she’s already answered (through lots of trial, error, research and study). She’s a weird lady, I’ll share that upfront. She likes to study things, and is very curious. Sometimes it gets tedious and annoying when she’s working with me, or asking for my help answering some tough questions. But really, I love it…even if I sometimes give her an attitude (you know, it’s important to keep you humans on your feet). We’re an investigative team, and it’s awesome.

Also awesome because I know she’s helping other doggie parents out there treat, care for, and understand their doggies. If even a few dogs end up getting to experience the kind of life I enjoy, where my needs are met (even if it takes a while for us all to understand each other), that is totally sweet. Every dog I’ve ever known would lay down their life for their humans, even when they don’t understand them a lot of the time.

I’ve figured out though, humans like that…it’s not for lack of love that they don’t know what their dogs really want. It’s sometimes for lack of attention, but most often, lack of awareness.

So I’m very happy my Mom started The Natural Doggie (that’s me too), and I love being a part of it.

Thanks again for finding your way here, and taking the time to get to know us. Stay around, we’re always sharing about our new discoveries (my Mommy & I).

When it comes to what us dogs really want & need, but sometimes can’t tell our humans, this is the place! Barks to all!

Miss Mydas Touch

We Can Do More For Them Than We Think

Seeing a dog suffer is the worst thing ever, thankfully it is possible to PREVENT their suffering

Watching your dog suffer has to be one of the worst things ever. When they’re in pain and can’t tell you why (or where it hurts) you probably feel helpless. Other than to love on them in the moment, what do you do? Thankfully scientists and vets have discovered something that is being spoken of by many as a “miracle” cure for almost anything.

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